"From the moment we did our first meeting, I knew Brittany was the perfect one to capture my day. She was so fun, so energetic and my husband and I laughed so much when we were with her."

You're here because you want to know if we're going to vibe together, yeah? Let's jump right in. 

I've had the privilege of photographing a lot of weddings, and while I firmly believe that each one is different than the next, I do a thorough job at finding out exactly HOW it's different.  You should only have to see the photos in your gallery that are going to make you go "wow, that's me?" Even 10 years down the road. Which means I'm not going to waste time taking photos that you don't really care much about. With me, your entire experience is all about YOU

When I got married, it was chaotic, unorganized, and downright miserable (thanks Louisiana humidity). But more than that, I was not able to enjoy my day. I don't want you to feel rushed like I did. This is the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. Soak in the little moments; hug your mom a little tighter, dance an extra song with your partner, bask in this day. You only get to be here once.

You deserve nothing less than complete happiness on your wedding day. And with me, I'll make damn sure you get it. 

You're probably thinking I'm going to talk about the first time I picked up a camera. But let's be real; that's not why you're here. 

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I met Colton 5 years ago at my first rave. It was the tattoos that drew me in. But since then, we've moved across the country, bought our first home, and had our first child together. 

Another fun fact - we got married exactly 1 year after we met. Crazy, right? We're still going strong though, so I'm proud of us. 


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I have seen 'The Office' so many times that I could probably recite most of the first season. I can also do this with 'Cars' because that's Roman's favorite movie (though I don't brag about it much because Colton gives me shit for it) 

I also have a WWE women's championship belt sitting on the bookshelf in my office. And to your left is a very non-professional photo of me at my first live event 3 years ago.

tv + weird things

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My drink of choice is a Mountain Dew & Captain Morgan. I know what you're thinking, but don't knock it till ya try it. I can't explain why it works. It just does. 

But I also enjoy refreshers from Starbucks. So if that's your thing, let's be friends. 


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I started taking photos of flowers and nature a long time ago (like 8 years). I thought I just really loved plants, but then I managed to kill a cactus. It was rough.

So I determined I loved photography and maybe plants were secondary to that. Then Colton bought me a camera & everything just clicked into place (no pun intended)



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I am so excited that you're here and I can't wait to hear your story.

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